With this Wizard Robe package, you will get a made to order one of a kind just for you custom made from scratch robe, choice of hood or hat, matching bandana, gloves, more elaborate designs or maybe a few more surprise accessories.  Made to order one of a kind custom. I can make your wizard robe dreams you didn't even know you had come true.

The photos are just a few sold examples - your robe will be made custom just for you. COMPLETELY HAND MADE from scratch by me. Let me know your size, favorite colors, asthetics, if you have a theme in mind, and or let me know your favorite spirit animals, places, songs, art, symbols, beliefs, etc.Let me know any preferences of sleeve length, robe length, extra large needs, etc

Let me know if you have certain fabrics in mind or let me know if you'd like the robe to be lightweight, medium or heavy and cozy or the climate or event it's for.


Contact me  to make installment payments. galaxcgirl@gmail.com

Extra Custom Wizard Robe & Accessories